E.A.T. "De-leading with dignity since 2001"



 E.A.T. provides all methods of de-leading in order to gain Full Letters of  Lead Compliance and Letters of Lead Occupancy.  Massachusetts defines Full Letters of Compliance as de-leading the exterior , common areas, and basements if  laundry exists.  Depending on the end goal these methods can vary greatly in aesthetics, and cost. 

The over all goal for de-leading a property is to create a lead safe living environment for children.  The most typical method for de-leading is removal, disposal, and replacement.  This also creates a more energy efficient, a more secure, a more quiet, and a more aesthetically appealing living environment.  Custom windows, doors, mouldings, and maintenance free exterior trim, will also greatly increase the value of the property along with creating a lead safe environment.

Encapsulation is also a favorable method of lead abatement.  This maintains the existing look of the architecture but is limited to what components can and can't be encapsulated.  Window sashes, thresholds, and treads on steps cannot be encapsulated.  Non-heated living environments, and any component on the exterior cannot be encapsulated.  The components that can be encapsulated have to pass a series of state required substrate tests, and be correctly documented on state forms.

Dip and strip is a method commonly used when dealing w/historical societies. When components are dipped in methelyne chloride tanks they typically swell.  Re-installing these components have to be planed and cut down to fit the original opening.  Overtime the components will shrink back to size and will not fit as tight as they originally did.  The chemical odor is also very foul for days.  I do not reccomend this method unless under unusual circumstances.

Scraping is also a method of de-leading.  This is not a method that is aesthetically appealing unless a flat surface can be planed, w/an attached HEPA vacuum unit.  This is typically done on door jambs, and older front doors that the homeowner wants to maintain.  Energy gasquets and sweeps can be installed to make these older doors as efficient as a newer pre-hung door.  I do not reccomend lots of scraping due to unavoidable contamination.  Scraping is also 2 part requiring painting after.






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