E.A.T. "De-leading with dignity since 2001"



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Sreened basement windows like this are a potential fire hazard, a lead hazard, and are very energy in-efficient.


Basement window is replaced with a Harvey vinyl Hopper style window, with an insulated vent.  Lead paint trim is wrapped in white aluminum coil stock, band moulding trim is vinyl, and sealed with silicone.

 Before    After
Rotten lead paint trim, and leaded window sashes are removed, and disposed of.  These windows had no energy efficiency, nor security.  Windows in this condition are highly dangerous to children.   Installed drip edge over header.  Replaced exterior trim.  Wrapped trim in maintenance-free white coil stock and vinyl band-moulding.  Installed new vinyl Diamond replacement windows, insulating the pockets and caulking the interior.  Exterior is siliconed and sealed.  This method of de-leading gets lead compliance, energy efficiency, better security, and increased curb appeal thus increasing the value of the property.
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Removed lead walls, door, door casing, door jamb, window sash, casing, sill, apron.  

Replaced door with a pre-hung door unit, custom trim and rosettes, window, casing, sill stops.  Baseboards were encapsulated with     L-B-C III.

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Removed lead-painted horsehair plaster walls and trim. Left lathe for structural integrity of new sheetrock.   New sheetrock and plaster put on all walls.  Original door jamb, floor casing, stair stringer, and baseboards were all encapsulated with L-B-C III.
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Re-framed old closet, and removed trim.    Covered loose lead paint floors with a Berber rug.  Above bed bookcase is trimmed in oak.
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Tilt in window is removed and replaced with a vinyl slider.

Lead trim is prepped, covered in white aluminum coil stock and sealed.  This method is highly recommended for well windows like this, which are exposed to moisture.


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Removed rotted sill, casing and header, replacing with new pre-primed wood and pressure-treated sill.

New window is wrapped in a white coil stock and sealed, with a new low-e argon gas replacement window.



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Horizontal sliding lead doors, casings, jambs, outer walls are all removed and disposed of.
Two garage doors are modified into one by removing center lead column, installing new LVL support beam with new jack studs and collar ties, replacing outer wall, siding and sill with a new concrete footing.  Alll new electric with new motion detector flood and security code remote box for opener.


Old doors such as this tend to be drafty.  The leaded door jambs are wrapped in white aluminum coil stock and a energy gasket is installed and sealed making the door as energy efficient as a new door.  Leaded doors do not have to be scraped in there entirety to meet state code. 

Custom mouldings, rosettes, and corner blocks can be added too create a theme in every room. 

 Custom ordered glass w/platinum, brushed nickel , or gold inlay can be added to any door w/glass giving great curb appeal. Doors can either be made w/steel, fiberglass, or wood.  Fiberglass, or wood, over steel is recommended due to resilience, and temperature fluctuation.  Steel tends to get colder in the winter, and hotter in the summer, and also dents very easily unlike fiberglass and wood.  Steel doors have also been seen to rust overtime.



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